Thursday, October 20, 2011

Four Years

Today is my wedding anniversary. Four years ago, Poncho and I said our vows, which occurs to me now did not include the words "I DO", and promised to love, support, and encourage each other in the best ways we knew how. And so far, we're batting a thousand. He makes a good point when he tells me, every year we seem to get better- and not just our relationship, because it pretty consistently stays awesome, but our life together seems to move up a rung on the ladder every year. We accomplish more, we learn new things, and we feel better about where were are in life. That's pretty cool. I feel really lucky that we're not one of those couples who have had to "go through some really hard times" to learn how to appreciate each other. We haven't had to royally screw it all up, just to figure out how it's supposed to work. And I'm very, VERY thankful for that. I hope we can stay on that road.

And now we have a son on the way. I can't put into words how that feels. Mostly because it's completely overwhelming. He was very much planned for but still felt like a surprise when we found out he'd be making his arrival in nine months. Yet, he wasn't a surprise at all. I married his dad knowing he was the only man I ever wanted to have children with. And now that we'll have a son together, I can't IMAGINE my child having a better father. He's a source of constant hilarity, immense care and compassion, and one of the best communicators I've ever known. He thinks things through rationally but still feels things deeply. And he's not afraid to talk about it. We've been together over six years now, and he still sends me text messages after he leaves for work at 6 a.m. telling me how much he loves me and hopes I have a good day. And he still takes time out of his busy schedule to ask me how my days are going. He's pretty much the most thoughtful people I know. He knows how to love and be loved. And he's hands down the hardest worker I've ever met. And I hope our son follows his example.

I feel extremely fortunate to have landed my husband. And I love that his marriage proposal was pretty much a microcosm of how our whole relationship would be. It caught me completely off guard and he didn't got the traditional route and get down on one knee. He hugged me tight and said, I know I'm supposed to be on my knee, but I have to be holding you when I ask you this. My heart jumped about a million miles in the air, his voice was shaking and he asked me to be his wife. And then he gave me the ring he'd been carrying around in his pocket all weekend. Then I said yes.

And here we are years later. We don't always take the traditional route, but it's worked for us. And I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm a lucky girl. And I never, NEVER want to take that for granted.