Monday, October 17, 2011


The 20 week wait to find out who my child is was EXCRUCIATING. You people who don't find out the sex, I don't understand you at ALL. I need a face. I need a name. I need to go ahead and start having conversations with this kiddo. And I can now.

We're having the cutest man-child in the entire world. And I'm NOT biased. See?

We had a really good 20 week doctor's appointment. We went back to do the sonogram first thing. The tech showed us his head first- his profile. We didn't know if it was a boy or girl yet. When I saw his face, I immediately thought, this is a boy... or a girl that realllly looks like P. Then the tech found a leg. She pointed it out and said, "Ok, here's a leg." And then everything else magically appeared on the screen and I said, "Whoa! That's a BOY!" And she laughed and said, "Yeah, I guess I don't have to point anything out on this one." There were all his boy parts out and proud. :) I'll spare him the embarrassment of posting pictures of his boy parts in utero, but I have them and I'll keep them on file for future reference.

The tech took lots of measurements and told us we have a very active little guy. It took her like five times to get a heart rate on him because every time she locked in on his heart, he'd move. We got to see his little feet wiggle and his little arms and hands move around. His arm and hand were up over his head when we were taking pictures, and I had the tech just double check to make sure he wasn't sucking his thumb. I need to know now if I need to start saving for braces. Thankfully, he wasn't.

Then we waited for the doctor to see us after the ultrasound. My blood pressure was good, so that was nice. And the doctor came in and explained all the ultrasound measurements to us. Kiddo is measuring at exactly 20 weeks gestation which is awesome, the doc said. This means he's perfectly proportioned. He said you shoot for a two week window on all his major organs and limbs and that doesn't always happen. So since kiddo is measuring 20 weeks exactly, he said we have a little over achiever on our hands already. :)

He also explained that they looked at all 4 of his heart chambers, his brain, his spine, and his kidneys and everything looks perfect and they have ruled out 95% of major defects in those areas. So that's a MAJOR relief. I said to the doctor, "So everything is ok?" And he said, "No, it's MORE than OK. This kid and this pregnancy look GREAT." So those are very reassuring words- especially after everything I went through during the first trimester. So we're all smiles on this end!