Monday, July 12, 2010

Onward and Upward!

Can someone please tell me where the first half of my summer went?  It goes too fast! 

I have five weeks left and they look to be just as busy as the first few were.  Then it's back to the 'ol grindstone.  But in the meantime, I surely have a few things to keep me busy!  P and I took a trip to the 405 last weekend and had an absolutely fabulous time with friends.  Caroline and I got a great day of shopping in for Baby Zoey and I came home with a bag full of fabric to make valences for her nursery.  Then later this week, I'll be trekking to my favorite spot in the DFW-- fabric row on Harry Hines-- to scope out some uber girly blues and purples to make her panels.  This baby girl is going to have the absolute happiest and most colorful nursery I've ever seen in my life.  Yay for starting your journey on this planet in a cheery, happy space!  And yay for my BFF braving the whole pregnancy and motherhood thing before I do!  It's been so fun watching the whole thing progress, and I can't wait for September to get here so I can meet this fabulous baby girl!

Meanwhile, the creativity continues to pump through the duct work at our house.  P has been on a mad streak writing, playing, and recording lately-- and we've even been working on some fun stuff together!  Thursday nights at Sons of Hermann is our new most favorite place to be.  The people there are some of the most seasoned and talented musicians, singers, and songwriters I've ever been around.  It's definitely an inspiration to be around kindred spirits who just enjoy the art aspect of music. It's just simple and honest, and I feel humbled to be in their presence.  I'm so grateful to have such creative people in  my life.  It's everywhere I look!  And it reminds me to get off my butt and do something! :)

Speaking of which.  Zoey's curtains are calling my name!  I'm sure we'll post pics later!