Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Daisy Girl for Zoey Miller

Tell me that doesn't sound like a label. I told Caroline when she picked that name that it sounded like a great brand! My BFF's little girl is gonna do big things, I tell ya!

And as you can see, I'm clearly nesting for her.  We've been best friends since high school; now we're in our thirties and this is our first child together!  HA!  (I'm sure her husband appreciates that.)  I finished up the curtains for her nursery last week- although that may be an ongoing project.  Some of the colors don't quite mesh well with the last minute slip cover she's decided to use.  So I may be revisiting Fabric Row to come up with a couple more panels to match the hot pink and lime green sofa that has now made itself at home in the room.

In our shopping exploits to decorate the nursery, Caroline mentioned to me that she'd like to keep Zoey in gowns the first few months.  They're just so comfy and there are no tricky snaps to mess with when changing diapers.  But if you haven't shopped for infants lately, you don't know that gowns are sort of hard to come by-- and cute ones are even more scarce.  So whilst perusing the selection of custom-made gowns online, I got an idea.  Why don't I just make some?  It took me about an hour to figure out the logistics for the first one, but after that it was a breeze.  And by the end of the night I had four gowns for Zoey Grace.  I fully expect that she will hatch her first ideas and aspirations of being a well-known world leader and catalyst for world peace in one of these gowns. 

Two Newborn Gowns:

Two Three Month Gowns: