Tuesday, April 20, 2010

You know you wanna have like a million of his babies...

So it has begun, the baby talk. I guess it was inevitable. My best friend who was whole-heartedly with me in this "let's wait til we're older to have kids" thing is now with child. So it follows that since I'm the last to do everything, it's time for me to start thinking about it.

The plan was for this to happen a year ago, but the time wasn't right. So we waited. We bought a house-- and a rather nice house at that. One I wouldn't mind staying in for a while the more I think about it. We got settled. And last night I got the phone call that sealed the deal for me. There is a very good possibility that my mother will be moving to Dallas in the next few months. It's one thing to think about having kids when you're surround with friends and family just minutes away for those last minute emergencies, etc. But it's another thing entirely when your nearest family member on either side is three and a half hours away.

Our money situation is far from ideal. But it's only gotten better the last three years since we took the big leap, moved to Texas and got married. So I'm hopeful within the next year, it'll get even better.

So now I feel like it's at least okay to start thinking about adding a kiddo to our family of two. I'm thirty years old and to date I've lost 28 pounds this year. I have twelve more pounds and four more months (trying to time this sucker, for real!) to go before I'll really give myself permission to stop thinking about baby and start trying.

And I'm thinking those of you out there who fly by the seat of your pants and one day just go, "Whoops! I'm pregnant!" really know what you're doing. Because this thinking and planning thing is sorta overwhelming! What about budgets! What about childcare! And I already realize that if I'm not careful, I will turn into one of those rabid moms who puts her infant on some crazy waiting list and turns into a major donor at some Ivy League pre-school, just to get her kid in and insure that he or she has the best possible chance of a really expensive education later on in life. I'm already there. Don't kid yourself. I called three Pre-K's yesterday.

Do you have certified teachers? Do you have the cameras going 24/7 so I can log on and see what you're doing with my kid? Do you do the Your Baby Can Read program? Will you assign one worker to my lil one so he or she can bond and form healthy attachments early on in life?

Yes. The madness has begun.

Somebody pray for my husband. :)


tomorrowsmemoriesphotography said...

*happy squeal*
i'm a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kinda girl...
i can't feel your pain. hang in there... and don't forget to enjoy the ride! :)

Anonymous said...

Ha, thats actually the first thing I thought of when Mom said she was moving to Dallas. I thought "she can take care of Ashly's baby!" I wonder how she feels about this.

Ashly said...

That's why I said for EMERGENCIES. She's not a built in babysitter. I think she would not be too happy about that. :) But yeah, I think she'll enjoy being closer. :)