Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Headless Chicken. Personified.

The last few weeks have been such a whirlwind! Lots and lots of stuff going on. For those of you wondering about P's dad, he's recovering from heart surgery nicely at home. Recovery is most of the battle from what I hear, and he's doing just dandy.

Had a quick visit with Dani B last weekend. It's always too long between visits for us. She lives in an uber cool section of downtown Houston and I've decided I'll be visiting in June again to hang out with her a little more and maybe do a little decorating in her apartment.

It's official, only 6 more weeks of school left. Four weeks of class and two weeks of testing. So we're in the home stretch now. I love this last six weeks. My class spends the whole time on poetry. And not boring textbook poetry. And no shakespearean sonnets. We're doing some really in your face stuff that they always enjoy, including a couple of days on my personal favorite, Sylvia Plath. Last six weeks is fun. The big test is over and all we really have to worry about is the final. And they're already pretty much prepared for that. So it's a race to the finish line.

And this summer holds some really fun things! I'm going to take a couple of creative writing classes. I looked at a few at SMU, but really, who has $500 to drop on a non-credit class purely for enjoyment. Not me. So I recently found out that Dallas County Community Colleges offer lots of different creative writing classes at several of their campuses. So I'm gonna get in on that this summer.

I'll be doing one more major thing this summer: heading up the Summer Showcase Series for Oklahoma Vintage Guitar. And it pretty much made my day when Ellis Paul said he'd kick things off for the inaugural show on Saturday, June 5th. So if you're in the neighborhood in the 405, mark your calendars for three shows: Ellis Paul on June 5th, Telegraph Canyon on Thursday, July 8th, and Sarah Jaffe on Thursday, August 5th!