Monday, October 19, 2009

Let's be honest, I was actually waiting for this to happen.

Things get hard sometimes.

We had a great (but extremely exhausting) weekend remodeling the house. It still isn't finished yet, but it's getting close. THEN the actual moving starts. And after all that, I came back to school this morning to find that my classroom had been broken into last WEDNESDAY night and no one had noticed. Ummm, how, exactly? "Miss, we thought you took your computer monitor home with you." Ok. What? I have no idea.

They stole my computer monitor, dvd player, stereo, and microwave. So I reported it to campus police and he wrote up a report and I'm sure the investigation will go just about as well as it did last year when somebody lifted my old worn out cell phone. I never saw it again.

Mind you, I don't keep anything at all in my classroom that I can't replace for under $50. I learned my lesson the hard way last year. And surprise, surprise, the old 1970's TV all my kids made fun of me for buying off Craigslist to show movies in class is STILL sitting loud and proud at the back of the room and survived the break in. That was the whole point, dears. You don't wanna/CAN'T PHYSICALLY walk out with that one, can ya?

But I'm just really discouraged. I'm so, so, SO, SO, SO TIRED of working in this school district. Last year 600 teachers lost their jobs. This year we had thousands of kids just floating around in the hallways for the entire first 6 weeks of school because the district administration or somebody way higher up than me couldn't figure out the new scheduling computer system. I'm the new lead teacher for 10th grade English and new responsibilities and more work is being piled on me every day for ZERO more dollars. And now I have to buy at least a new DVD player and radio for my classroom.

Oh. And pens. They stole all my pens. AGAIN.

My classroom is about the 5th one to be broken into so far. And I'm 99% sure it wasn't any of my actual students, but still. I know why I'm here, but I'll be honest, it gets a little harder every day to actually stay here.



tomorrowsmemoriesphotography said...

that's all i got for ya right now... cause i don't know how you do it! you excel higher than most teachers. you're amazing. but of course you're discouraged - you're under paid, over worked & your stuff is getting ripped off!

i'm sorry :(.

hang in there!!!