Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Everything's Slightly Blurry...

Ah, I remember those carefree days when I would come home from a relatively uneventful day at school and just piddle the night away watching movies and pestering P in the back bedroom interrupting his recording sessions just because I was bored.

Those were the good 'ole days.

I'm currently trying to finish all the laundry before P's family descends upon us this weekend to move everything from the Rockwall house to the Garland house. And I did pack one box full of kitchen stuff. So mark me down for that accomplishment. At this very moment, P is at the new house finishing up the tile backsplash and installing the new dishwasher. I had to stay home tonight. I needed to take a teeny tiny break, even if it just meant staying at the house. I've got so many things on the brain I'm to the point where I'm walking around asking people if they've seen my glasses while they're sitting squarely on my face. It's not pretty.

So ready to get all this moving business over with and get to the fun decorating stuff. That's the good part. Hopefully we'll have time to set up the new dining room set tomorrow. I'm super excited about it. New stuff is gonna look spectacular with the newly refinished hardwood floors. Dad stole the show on that one. We can fully credit him with our shiny new floors.

Starting tomorrow we can actually walk on them. :)

Well. There's the dryer buzzer. Gotta run. Duty calls.

At some point I'll have something very interesting and slightly controversial to say. Right after I find my glasses...