Thursday, October 29, 2009


It's Thursday. And thank God. I'm taking the day off tomorrow to try to get a few things done around our disaster area of a house. You literally can't walk through the living room. You have to detour through the den to get everywhere in the house because of all the boxes/random crap that we've lumped into the formal living room since we don't have furniture in that room yet.

Tonight, all the left over trash, the curtains, and the patio furniture will be officially making their exit from the rent house. And we'll also be replacing the ugly dining light fixture we took down when we moved in. Thank goodness for the Habitat store! What a great find THAT was! All your home hardware needs for great discounted prices and you're supporting a great cause! Consequently it is where we bought all the tile for our new blue kitchen back splash-- 80% off Home Depot/Lowe's prices. Score!

On a sad note, the 100 year-old, antique, awesomely beautiful bed I slept in during my growing up years finally came apart this move. It didn't break, but the wood glue just finally gave out. So maybe this weekend we'll be able to repair it and everybody will once again have a place to sleep when they come visit! :)

On an unrelated note, here comes the cold front. Yipppeeee! I'm ready for the cold weather! I'm planning on making our first cold weather meal in the new house tomorrow night-- chili. Mmmm. Now that I think of it, that'll be the first meal I've cooked in the new house period!

Then Saturday, it's the Halloween Dance Party at the Double Wide! Woo HOO! Can't wait for that one! Momma needs a break!