Monday, October 5, 2009

Birthdays and Bright Ideas

Well, it's certainly been an eventful few days. The birthday weekend was FABULOUS. We kicked the party off in style at the Double Wide on Friday night. We showed up early, had a few drinks, then went home early to *ahem* continue the celebration. And celebrate we did. Til 5 a.m.

Then we were up at 10:30 ready to hit the road for Canton to do some flea market/antique shopping. We came back 8 hours later with 4 exterior shutters and one awesome black antique desk for P's studio in the new house. The exhaustion kicked in and we hit the hay early Saturday night.

Sunday morning we were up bright and early cleaning the house for somebody who was coming to look at it that afternoon. After a good couple hours of scrubbing and cleaning we headed into D Town to go purse shopping for my birthday. (It's what I asked for.) We started out at NorthPark Mall because I've had good purse shopping experiences there in the past. And for some reason I had it in my head that there was a Betsey Johnson store there. Whoops. There's not. It's in the Galleria. So after looking for an hour or so at NorthPark, we headed over to the Galleria. There we headed straight for the Betsey Johnson store where I had to decide between the plaid hobo and the black/purple/green hobo. Purple wins every time. And P bought it for me.

Let me tell you, if you didn't already know that my husband is a complete and total rockstar, now you do. He is. Most guys (if they even would take you purse shopping) would either 1) whine about it or 2) make stupid sarcastic jokes about their role as a man and how crazy women are yada yada yada the whole time you're shopping. My husband did neither. I told him how thankful I was to have married a guy like him who genuinely wanted to go purse shopping with me on my birthday and that most guys would rather take a sharp stick to the eye. And he actually said, "It fascinates me to watch you shop. Ladies just get so lost in their own world and locked in when they're on a mission. It's very interesting to me. I love it." And I said, Well, I am a very fortunate girl. Thank you for being such and awesome husband.

And he said, "Well. Now you're a fortunate girl with a cute purse."

Score! I'm so lucky. **swoon**

So the weekend was a total success. Then today, I got an email from my editor asking about my progress on the memoir. I informed her my progress has pretty much come to a screeching halt and I'm considering going in a different direction. Same idea, same story, less memoir-ish. She made a suggestion that I write a book for my students about how to survive relationships. And I had a light bulb moment. What if I wrote a book for my students (or those their age) about how to successfully survive your teens/early twenties and set yourself up for success later in life? We have the opportunity to screw so much up in those years. But we also have the opportunity to fix those screw ups and come out smelling like roses.

So I'm really liking that idea and pondering away about it. Let me know what you think.


Shane said...

i think that sounds like an excellent idea. personally i waited until my 20's to commit my humongous phuck ups. which is why i'm looking forward to the 30's and then i can put my 20's behind me :)