Friday, October 2, 2009

Getting Older Means Making Some Critical Life Decisions

Like what bag do I want to buy for my birthday on Sunday?

This Guess bag?

This awesome Sweet Tart hobo from Betsey Johnson?

Or this super cute hobo also from Betsey Johnson?

I know now that I'm thirty I'm going to have to start making some decisions that could very well affect me for the rest of my life. And I'm taking this "grown up" thing seriously. Cross your fingers for me!


whit said...

two votes for Betsey Johnson. Love the Sweet Tart. Classic with a twist.

Kuenys said...

i would go with the guess bag simply because it would go with more things. but the other two are super cute as well! heck, get all 3! 3 for 30, right?

Ashly said...

Well, these are just ones I found online, who knows what I'll find when I actually go shop! I LOVE the sweet tart hobo though. It's probably my fave. :)