Saturday, September 12, 2009

Home Sweet Home

So house hunting is fun. I knew it would be. The first house we looked at was a 2 story, 3300 sq ft house. It's in foreclosure and it looks like the owners were a little pissed about that. They punched holes in the bedroom walls. Whoops. Drywall we can fix. The bad street and weird dormer standing all by it's lonesome at the top of house, we can't. So that's out.

The next house we looked at we LOVED. It's on the lake. As in lake views from every room in the upstairs of the house. HUGE, fabulous kitchen. A tile floor in the living room which I'm not crazy about, but could sure learn to live with in 3,000 sq ft on the lake. Unfortunately, after we looked at it, our realtor found out it was a short sale. It's not a good enough deal for us to tie up our money on an offer for 45 days, then wait 60-90 to close. So that one's out.

The last one we looked at was a winner. It's on a corner lot on a hill surrounded by lots and lots of great trees. It has a wrap around porch that reminds me of the house I grew up in OKC. There are steps that lead all the way up the hill to the front of the house and a stone wall that lines the sidewalk at the bottom of the hill. It's 2 stories and 2500 sq ft with all hardwood floors and a HUGE and I do mean HUGE master bedroom. And a master closet that could double as a guest bedroom. Craziness! I was astonished to find out this house is listed at about $10K less than what we'd be willing to pay. Why? I wondered. Well, let's just say the owners of the house have an affinity for rather BOLD printed wallpaper. Apparently the house has been on the market a few months and they've come down on the price because the wallpaper really turns people off. It's only in the kitchen and the master bath, but let me tell you, it's some wallpaper. Mom always told me, never worry about wallpaper or paint. Those are things you can fix. So this house is going to end up being a steal it seems like.

We got in the car to come home and P said, That last house was awesome. One of the first thoughts I had when we walked in is this looks like a house Shery would live in. So I said, Well, we should probably buy it then. Because that's a very good sign in my book. He agreed.

We've got 4 more to look at tomorrow. But honestly, on paper, none of them look as good as the ones we saw yesterday. But I'm keeping an open mind and we'll see what happens!