Monday, September 14, 2009

Way to Upset My Apple Cart, Life.

Thanks a lot.

Things were going along just a little too swimmingly.

So I found out today that at the end of the week, I'll be losing every last one of my students and getting a whole new batch. I'm teaching freshman English. Hip hip hooray!

Don't get me wrong. I love the fish. They're so little and cute and malleable. But I've never taught this course before which means hours and hours and hours of planning on my part. I thought I had the easy road this year. Well, think again Mrs. Cochran. Isn't that they way it always goes? Somebody didn't anticipate how LARGE our freshman class would be, so I have to say goodbye to my sophomores when we were just starting to become friends. It'll be okay.

At least in Eng 1 I get to teach Romeo and Juliet. I can freak them out by pointing out that they were only like 14 years old and Romeo was about to kill himself over a another girl at the exact moment he first laid eyes on Juliet and decided he had do have her. Unstable, much? Heavy stuff for 14 year olds. It'll be good.

On the house front, after falling in love with one we looked at Friday, we didn't anticipate finding anything worth our while yesterday afternoon while it was raining. Mostly we were just humoring our realtor because she wanted us to have "as many options as possible". As fate would have it, on our last stop, at our last house, we found it. I'm mean THE ONE. No questions, without a doubt, this is our house. It's about 12 miles closer to Dallas and on a golf course with huge, magnificent oak trees. We make the offer today. If everything works out, I'm going to have the most kick ass kitchen I've ever had in my life. EVER. And also the best view from my windows. Life is good.

Things are changing. Definitely no time for relaxing or standing still. We're on the move, people!


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