Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Pampered Writing Process

Goodness gracious. My inner-writer is such a diva. It's like one of those girls who insists that every time she has sex it has to be the perfect, sweet, and gentle lovemaking session she reads about in cheap romance novels. Dim lights, candles, satin sheets, a long-haired hunk with washboard abs... When I even think about sitting down to work on the memoir, I have to make sure everything is perfect. No dying flowers in the office. Only live, pretty ones. I have to be dressed for the day, hair done. I need both lamps on, blinds open, and spa music going. Then I can begin to think about writing. Even now something's a little off-kilter. I feel like I need some coffee.

Can you say avoidance-much? Yep. I know I can do this, but there are so many psychological factors that play into the process. The last draft I wrote, some people got a little upset about. This draft, my editor says, Ummm... where is all this going? You're just writing happy stories about your childhood. I've got to find a balance. I read somewhere that you should write your disclaimer right off the bat. Go ahead and write your apology to all the readers who might get upset and then set it aside. This gives you freedom to write your story. I think that might be a good idea. Because right now, the way it is, I've got a really pretty office and not a whole lot of memoir.

I hate being nearly 30 and struggling with confidence.


tomorrowsmemoriesphotography said...

I am the SAME way. There are days when I get no editing done because my office is full of clutter from the girls playing up here (mainly the 5 yr old) so I spend the day cleaning, straightening, organizing & no editing!
And I say write your disclaimer & get on w/ your memoir - afterall, it's only your side of the story... other people are welcome to have their side as well! :)