Monday, July 6, 2009

I am the WINNER!

This is officially the 100th post for the Daisy Girl Press blog! Not bad for it being a new blog and all! It's small potatoes compared to my Daisy Girl (the single years) blog of yesteryear, which weighed in at over 2,000 posts. But this one will be there before I know it!

And speaking of motivational things. Man, is it ever hard to get my butt to the gym most mornings. I know in my head that if I go work out, I will be highly motivated to get stuff done the rest of the day and if I just stay in bed or watch movies on the couch all day, nothing of any substance will get done. And yet everything in my brain screams SLEEP IN!! SEE WHAT MOVIES ARE ON HBO!! YOU DESERVE TO RELAX!! And then I hear this teeny tiny little voice in my head that says (and sounds suspiciously like Sister Aloycious from "Doubt"), "Ashly, you have six weeks left of summer. Enjoy the time for creative freedom whilst you have it. And don't sleep it away for goodness sakes." So here I am. Hot, sweaty, and freshly exercised. I picked up stationery paper, envelopes, and stamps today at office depot which means **CALLING MS. MARY** You will finally be receiving that handwritten poem I promised you. It's getting done today. Period. :)

I'm also thinking of sprucing up the title page of bits & pieces today. I've been newly inspired. Now to get InDesign to cooperate.

I'm out like trout. Have a great one!


The Panhandleman said...

you seriously need a mac.