Sunday, July 26, 2009

Big week ahead!

Got home today from V town, working in the studio (or watching P work in the studio) for the weekend, and stopped in Allen for Whitney's Texas baby shower. Baby Birch is due to make his debut into the world on September 11th. Many of my friends are becoming moms for the first time, and it looks like an incredible experience! Glad I'll be surrounded by pros by the time I get ready to venture down that road!

Bright and early tomorrow morning I head back to school for two days of training. In the summer, you say? If I do it for the next two days, that means I don't have to do it the Monday and Tuesday of Thanksgiving week and I get the whole week off. So I can sacrifice a couple of days in the summer! Wednesday and Thursday I'll be packing, and Friday we leave for Puerto Penasco, Mexico where we'll celebrate P's big 4-0! Yummy, yummy times with my rockstar husband. I'm soooo excited!!

On the book front, I'm hoping to have the final copy approved by Wednesday or Thursday before we leave. And it's all systems go from there! Get ready!