Saturday, July 25, 2009

Proof and Revise!

So, of course, my proof copy of bits & pieces was the absolute last package off the UPS truck yesterday in the entire DFW metroplex. We had planned to leave town about 2:30. I thought we might be a tad bit late leaving, since the UPS guy normally comes between 3 and 4. Wrong again! Try 7:35. And it was just by the grace of God that I heard him throw it against the door and land on the doorstep. I took a few minutes to peruse it before running out the door to head out of town for the weekend.

The cover looks fabulous. I'm really pleased with it. The text inside looks great too. I'm not so thrilled with the reproduction of Caroline's artwork for the chapter title pages. They're such great pictures and in the printing process they look like they've been slapped on a copy machine and stuck in the book. That's not okay. So I'm revamping the chapter title pages and making the images more compact and not so massive. Hopefully the images will come out a little better next time!

I had just a few other random revisions to make in respect to some wording I wanted to change in a couple poems and a blank page that needed to be added. And we're done! Gonna get one more proof and I expect to be in production by August 1st!

Good times!