Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Typos and Sand Between my Toes

The revised proof of the poetry book landed on my doorstep this afternoon completely unexpectedly. That was a nice surprise! I ripped into it page by page and was very, very happy with the new changes, mostly to the artwork. Then it happened. Two trips to the editor and TWO proof copies later. There it was staring at me in the face in one tiny little poem in the middle of the book. A typo. One of those stupid, STUPID typos that spell check doesn't catch because it's a correctly spelled word. It just wasn't the word you were trying to use. DAMNIT! (And yes, I cursed.) Well, there goes forty more dollars on uploading another revision to the printer. But we've come this far, so I figured it was probably worth it. It would have massively bugged me to leave it in. So now we're ready for publication. I'm talking to my distribution rep and I'll have word for you soon on when it will be officially available to the public.

In other good news, in a day and a half, the hubs and I head south of the border to Puerto Penasco, Mexico for a mini summer vacay. We first went to Puerto Penasco (also known as Rocky Point) for the Roger Clyne show, Circus Mexicus, a couple of years ago. And we loved the place so much that we're going back. It's three hours south of Phoenix, so we'll be driving there from the PHX airport. And yes, I decided I would put my crack dealing side job on hold so as not to get mixed up with the drug cartels south of the border. I feel like we'll probably be just fine as long as we stay away from places "with drugs and prostitutes". (I read that on a state department website.) Puerto Penasco is a cool little place that is pretty newly developed and not totally touristy yet. So the prices are still great, and we get to enjoy a four star condo on the Sea of Cortez for a relatively small amount of cash. And it doesn't get better than that!

Life is good! Look for pictures in the near future!



tomorrowsmemoriesphotography said...

wahoooooo!!! I'm so stinkin' excited for you! Things are just moving along wonderfully in your little world - couldn't ask for more!

Have fun on your vacation. Do a whole lot of nuthin'!