Friday, May 29, 2009

Good times, good friends, good slipcovers.

So the super cute slipcover came in today for the loveseat in my office. It's probably the first slip cover, out of about 4 that I've bought, that fits absolutely perfectly. In fact, if you are ever in need of a slipcover and get tired of the drab solid colors that are available at most places, check out SUPER cute stuff and extremely reasonably priced. It was definitely a good find! It's white/pink/green striped. And now I'm trying to figure out if I actually like the stark blue of the original denim up next to my electric green walls better. It's a conundrum. If I take the slipcover off, the couch will definitely have to be steam cleaned. It's 10 years old and boy has it seen some things in its day. :) But it would be such a shame to see such a perfect slipcover go to waste. So we'll see.

Maroline (also known to everyone else around her as Caroline) and Kevin are in Dallas for a long weekend vacation. They got a steal on the Adolphus and decided to make a holiday of it. So we met them downtown last night and hung out on the back patio at the Amsterdam bar (which is now my new favorite place for ambiance) and the boys discussed their current music projects, and Mare and I bounced back and forth all kinds of interesting ideas for the artwork on the new poetry book. And she finally just said, "Let's shoot them all. As many as we can. Let's just shoot everything, even if we don't use it. You never know what could happen!" And we scheduled another long weekend in June for the project. It should be interesting, to say the very, very least.

They're coming over tomorrow and I think we're going to hit the pool, then bbq on the patio. Should be good times with our BFF's.