Saturday, January 31, 2009

Why is it...

That I absolutely canNOT stand country music anymore? I can't deal with it. I can't. I've reverted back to my junior high days when I had the same opinion. Then high school happened and everybody listend to top 40 country so I fell in lock step. Then I married my husband. And now it's nothing but rock n roll around here. Lots of loud guitars and ZERO twang. I much prefer it.

I never really liked cowboys anyway. Those jeans just look stupid.



RyinNotRyan said...

I like a bit of twang in my rock'n'roll ... sue me

Mrs. Daisy Girl said...

Eh, I can handle it. I just can't deal with the OVERLY twangy country stuff. And for some reason, I can actually deal with chick country singer/songwrites waay more than I can with dudes. Although, I'm not at all including our folky friends in this category. I can do that all day long. I'm more talking about top 40 and those who THINK they're not top 40 but really are. :)