Monday, February 2, 2009

ALOOOONE time ;)

So being without my husband for 2 nights a week has its perks. Although I miss him dearly and love him to no end, it's kinda nice to go back to the time when I used to be at home every night by myself and had to invent things to do! Wait. Back then I started drinking for the weekend on Tuesdays. Maybe being married is better.

Anyway, I'm making good progress on the memoir and thanks to all of you who have read snipits and sent encouraging notes. It's really interesting to read back over all the stuff I've written. It's almost like watching a movie of your whole life. It's funny because I read it and all of my issues seem so very clear to me. Like, why could I not see that then? And when I look at it in its totality, I just think Good Lord! Was that really my life? That is craziness! I almost want to strangle myself just as much as my mother did, I'm sure. I think everybody should do this. Everybody should write down an account of his/her life, just the high, important points. (Yes, I know "high" is a relative term.) And then read back over it. It really puts things into perspective. You learn things about yourself. It's pretty crazy.

In other news. Have you seen The Strangers? Holy crap. Did I already talk about this? I watched that movie like 3 weeks ago and still haven't recovered. I'm just expecting a knock on the door any minute, "Is Tamara home?" AAAAUUUGGGGHHHH!!! I've gotta quit watching those movies. But I'm a glutton for punishment. What can I say.

It's off to Vernon this weekend to see Robin Kay off to her 3rd Candle Light Ball. We bought the dress last weekend, and what an experience that was. Robin is awesome. We're buddies and we spent the ENTIRE day sorting through HUNDREDS of dresses of all shapes, sizes, and colors. Sequined, beaded, plain, matte, shiny, short, long, poofy, skintight, you get the gist. We took pictures of all of them so she could see what she looked like in them before we picked THE dress. She found a drop dead gorgeous brown floor length sheath dress that was STUNNING on her. She's like 5'7'' and a size 4 so you can imagine she pulled it off pretty well. We sent her dad the picture and he was like, Ok, Hollywood. Here we come! But it ended up, I think that dress maaay have been just a little mature for her. I figured this out when she comes bounding out of the racks holding a NEON orange cupcake shaped huge poof of taffeta. This is THE dress!! I laughed and said, No, dear. TACKY is what that is. And just kept right on laughing. I thought she was kidding about the dress. Needless to say, I backtracked rather quickly which was helped by the fact that when she put it on, her waist looked like it was 4'' around. And she's a blond so she can pull off the orange. And $400 later, we had an orange ball gown for Candle Light ball. Fun times. Can't WAIT for prom!!!

It's fun being a girl. Most days. :)

I'm out like trout.