Sunday, January 11, 2009

New things for the new year.

So I'm sitting here watching the Golden Globes and pondering the status of Johnny Depp. He's hot. We all know it. We all hear it just about every other day. But I'm wondering if we're all thinking of the 21 Jump Street Depp. Or maybe the swashbuckling Jack Sparrow. But I can't help saying it, every time we see this guy live, he looks just a few steps short of the insane assylum, right? Hot, yes. Crazy, probably. Hair and makeup and scripted lines do him good.

Anyway, by now you've probably noticed the new look for the blog. This is due to the fact that today, after quite an ordeal that maybe I'll tell you about at some point, I went out and bought myself a new laptop. One ancient computer in a house with two aspiring tech nerds doesn't allow for much time for either one of us to spend loads of time just creating. Well, that time has come to an end. I can sit on the couch, I can sit in bed, I can write. I can mess around in photoshop. I can make pretty pictures and think of millions of things to say to you. And here I am.

Expect more frequent updates. I think.

The next thing to tackle is consolidation. My Space, Facebook, a host of different blogs on blogger... Somehow we've got to get everyone in one place and stay put. We shall see.

Til then, at least for this week, I leave you with this. Stop yourself this week at least one time-- when you're just about to do what you alllways do, stop. And do the opposite. See how it suits you. I bet you'll like it. :)



Ragan Parkerson said...

Please, please, please let it be a Macbook. I now its probably not. But let it be.....

ashly said...

I seriously almost titled this post, "No, Ragan, it's not a MacBook...". :)