Saturday, November 8, 2008

I feel a couple of blogs coming on... we'll see.

It's so interesting, this Facebook existence. I've had a My Space for years now. And a blog for years preceeding the My Space. But Facebook, well, this is a fairly new thing. It's interesting to see who migrates where. My blog readers were from everywhere-- all over. And very cool. My MySpace friends are mostly music scene/bar friends, so that's fun. And here in the Facebook world, well, we have old church friends and old CHA friends. So that's a little bit different of an audience. :) But welcome, one and all. :) I guess all I can say, given the audience, is if this super offends your inborn Christian sensibilities, just stop reading. I'd hate to be instigator of you questioning all you've known your whole life.

But it really should happen at some point. I'm a firm believer in that.

There's a really cool channel on our cable music selection called "Dream Sequence". Apparently it's mostly rock songs from movie soundtracks. It's awesome and blaring in the living room right now. Poncho's made a red bull run and this music super reminds me of my friend Jeff. Better known as Jefe, who as far as I know, is still living a meager existence in Austin with his girlfriend (whom I hope has stuck around-- well, the both of them). When I was living in Oklahoma City, I once woke up on a Sunday morning, to the strange sound of singing on my front porch. It was Jeff and his crazy-eyed friend singing sailor songs while rocking in my rocking chair on my front porch. Those are the priceless memories. Jeff always left his door unlocked. I could walk the 4 blocks to his house, no matter what time of day, and walk straight into his house. I always felt dirty, but it was fun. He always had obscure club music blaring 24 hours a day. No matter if he was home or not. He made me watch kung fu films. Drunk on moonshine and reading subtitles. That was interesting. He brought out a huge mirror piled with literally a pound of coke on it once. I was like, Wow. It's just like Scarface. (right? or was it The Godfather...) It's a long story. His crazy-eyed friend who apparently was running from the cops had apparently stashed a mountain of coke in Jefe's closet. How fortunate for Jefe.

He's ONE of the smartest boys I've ever met. College was even too dumb for him. He dazzles me to this day-- long-haired, firebreathing, and full of crazy engineering knowledge. I should really give him a ring. He was a fun friend.

Anywho, I'm recording vocals tonight to another song Poncho and I wrote. He's between bands, so I have fun filling his time in the studio. He writes completely bad ass guitar songs and I can lyricize my ass off. :) Now singing is another story. My mother I am not. I try, I really do. But my voice is too weak. But I do the best I can. And at the very least, we come out with super cool songs that someone else could really singe better. But we have fun. And here we are.

Poncho's home and I have to pee. I'm out. Have a fabulous Sunday! :)