Thursday, May 17, 2012

Three Months

It's been a big month of growing for kiddo. He's eating a ton and sleeping 10-12 hours a night consistently! He's gone from giving us a "goo" and a couple of few syllable laughs to talking constantly. Everything he says cracks him up. He laughs at his own jokes. But he laughs at our jokes too, so it's ok. He's finally begun to open up his fists and doesn't have his dukes up constantly. He's getting really good at holding onto his rattles, and sometimes he gets a little over zealous and throws them in the floor.

He's super eager to be able to stand up. If you set him on your tummy, he'll push down with his legs with all his might and try to stand up. So we figured it was time for the jumparoo, and we were right. He loves it.

The only complaint mommy has is that he still can't go for more than 15-20 minutes in the car without crying. So it still makes leaving the house difficult. But it's a positive sign that he's able to entertain himself at home for longer and longer periods of time these days. Maybe we're moving toward days where he can run errands with mom and be ok. I don't even remember what running errands feels like!

We're really excited about the approach of summer. We have a pool membership at the country club and the pool opens next Monday. We plan on being there with floaties and baby shades ready to go! I hope he loves it as much as I think he will!

It's been a great three months. Every month gets easier so far. Here's hoping this lasts. At least til he's 2. :)