Monday, May 21, 2012

A Quick Letter to Cashimilian.


I've been doing lots of writing about how you're growing up and developing, but I've neglected to write anything directly to you in a while. Mommy's fault. But in all fairness, you DO take up pretty much ALL of my spare time. So I haven't written, but we've done LOTS of talking. And you DO LOTS of talking lately. I love it. The funniest thing is when you start to get cranky and cry, I can hold you up in front of my face and say anything I want, because you don't really know what words mean yet, but as long as I do it with a HUGE smile on my face, you start to smile too. It makes me laugh. And then it makes you laugh, because you just do whatever mommy's doing.

Daddy thinks you like being with me better than you like being with him. But I don't really think that's true. When you're with me, you get lots of soft cuddles and I hold you really tightly and make sure you have a place to rest your head and be comfy. So you tend to quiet down pretty quickly with me when you get upset. But daddy likes to play with you. You guys play constantly. You talk to him and you talk so LOUDLY. You can tell that the level of noise is a direct result of the level of fun you're having. And even though I seem to be maybe a little more comforting for you than daddy is right now, so far you've done all the important stuff in your time spent with him. You picked up your first object while he was playing with you, and then yesterday while I was out shopping, he sent me a message that said, "AND he's discovered he has feet!" along with a really cute picture of you studying your right foot very intently. You're learning so much every day. We laugh at the cute noise you've started making when you're concentrating really hard. We love seeing your wheels turn.

Standing up is one of your most favorite things to do at the moment.  You're only 3 months old, so you still can't do it on your own, but you seem very determined to. We can't even sit you down on your knees on us anymore without you tucking your feet under and pushing yourself all the way up to standing with our hands just supporting your sides. You fling your arms up and out and give out a little grunt like it took SO MUCH WORK to get all the way up there. And your eyes get so big every time like you kind of can't believe you've stood all the way up, even though you do it a million times a day. It's hilarious, and I'm so proud of you every time you do it. As soon as your body starts to outweigh your head, you'll be doing it on your own, no problem.

You're finally getting into a little routine during the days, and mommy is starting to feel like life is a little more predictable. You sleep FOREVER which is awesome, then you wake up and have breakfast, then a good nap in the morning, then lots of playing, and another nap in the afternoon. Bath time is your favorite. I love it when you get to take a bath with me in the big tub. Your most favorite thing is to fling your head backwards and put your ears underwater to hear the jets rumbling. And right now we're trying to help you get ready for the swimming pool during bath time. We're working you up to hopefully being able to go underwater without thinking you're drowning. And you're doing a great job right now. I hope you're going to be as big of a fish as I think you're going to be.

So you're growing up and I really can't believe how big you already are at 3 months- until I see your dad holding you, then I think you still look so tiny. I soak up every minute with you. You are one of the two best things in my life and I still can't believe I'm your mom. My absolute most favorite thing is getting you out of your crib in the mornings. You yell loud enough to let us know you're awake, then I come in and say good morning and you get quiet, because you know mama is there. And then I pick your sleepy, squinting face up and kiss you good morning and we get ready for the day. I want to do this every day for at least the next eighteen years. I think I will. Your mama loves you, Cashimilian. Never doubt that. :)