Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Step Daughter Said To Me Today...

"That's it. It's a new year. It's a new me."

Sometimes as girls, we just need a fresh start. Shake off the old, get down with the new and improved.

I love looking back over old blogs and old web pages and seeing exactly where I was at that point in my life and look at where I am now. Tonight I said to P, "I really am a more interesting person than I've made myself out to be lately."

I'm so domesticated and boring lately.

I guess it comes with the whole "buying a new house" territory. Although, I do have to point out, I am slightly less in the burbs now than I was in the old house. And that, my friends, is a step up in my i-wasn't-cut-out-to-be-a-domesticated-housewife book. And P said back to me, "Honey, just cut it out. Quit being boring and start being you. You let life get you bogged down. Just stop it."

And I don't really think I'm boring-- I just think this phase in my life is full of very subtle changes instead of really huge glaring changes like have happened in the past. Nothing is really dramatic anymore. Just a series of small, quiet changes that as a whole will end up being links in a completely awesome (and maybe just a wee bit less dramatic) chain. And that's ok by me.

And my husband is outside lighting the firepit. I think we're gonna try it out with our own little private party tonight before everybody comes over to ring in the new year tomorrow night.

I love my life. It's simply right now. And it's good.