Monday, December 21, 2009

Merry Christmas

And happy holidays to you.

It's that time of year. It seems like it sneaks up more quickly every year. P and I are flying to Kansas City to spend part of Christmas with Mom, then flying back and driving to V Town to see his family and bring the kiddos back for the rest of the break. Then, of course, we have the big shindig on New Years Eve. One of my childhood friends that I haven't seen since I was seven is even coming to the party! (She happens to be a great photographer. You can see her stuff here.) The party's going to be so much fun! Maroline will be here a few days before to help me get ready for it too! I plan to cook it up and have lots of yum yums to feed those late night NYE after-champagne cravings. :)

2009 was a great year. I lost my mimi and bought my first house. I lost my kitty and am nearing the point where having a baby seems more like a real possibility. It's been an interesting, emotional, and wonderful year. And I have very, very high hopes for 2010. I hope you do too.

So if I don't see you before then, hope your Christmas is merry and bright and that you get the kiss that you're wanting at midnight! :)


tomorrowsmemoriesphotography said...

merry christmas!
be safe & have fun!

Emily said...


I told you that you were next. Muwhahahahha!!