Thursday, November 12, 2009

Gone but Not Forgotten

It's been OVER a week since I've blogged.

Heaven's to Betsy! How did I ever survive? Who knows. I thought the girls over at BlogHer would gently nudge me if I'd forgotten, but apparently they're busy doing things like buying and decorating houses and trying to educate inner city children and inspire burned out teachers and just generally trying to save the world too. So we do what we can. Blogging is on the list. And here I am.

So one of my childhood BFF's is making her way down to big D Town tomorrow. Or is it today? I can't remember. Either way, P and I are having dinner at Shogun with her and her hubs tomorrow night. Then it's back to our place for drinky drinks and random games. Should be swell. Even though she can't partake in the drinky drinks b/c she's breastfeeding, and well, drunk babies are FUNNY but not really that healthy.

As usual lately, the house has been taking up pretty much all of our spare time. It's coming together quite nicely though... if you don't mind the huge formal living room that is still completely empty. That room will get furnished just as soon as we get our Obama money. And you wonder why we vote Democrat? The man understands my need to decorate. :)

Meanwhile, here are a couple of pics to fill the void. Click to enlarge. (Mind you they were taken in two different seasons-- so don't let the lack of greenery deter you from the after shot.)

House before. (Stark contrast white/red, ugly tall tree in front, and GREEN shutters)

House after. (less paint color contrast, new door, no tree, and new shutters-- took pic from the car & didn't move the trash can, sorry)

Many, many thanks to P who has been SUPERMAN and who has done some really hard work on this house. I never dreamed I'd live in a house this beautiful once I was a self-sufficient adult and out on my own. I couldn't have done it without him. He's pretty much the best husband I've ever seen. I gotta step up my game!! :)