Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Clouds & The Light

I'm thankful for them both.

Normally, on the weekdays, the huge picture window in our bedroom that is completely uncovered is not a problem. Since the time change, the sun starts coming up just about the same time I wake up every morning for work. So it works out nicely. But the weekends are a different story. On the weekends I find myself inching my way down further and further toward the end of the bed or stacking up all of P's pillows at an angle (he's usually an early riser) to try to keep the sun from shining directly on my face whilst I'm trying to sleep in. It's a lot of work to catch a few extra z's. But not this morning, this glorious Sunday morning with tons of clouds and zero sunshine. I love it. Thank you Mr. Sunshine for sleeping in a few minutes longer today so we can too.

I crashed pretty early last night, which left P with all sorts of time to himself. So he worked on editing and mixing the first single his band is releasing to radio next month, and he also installed our under/over the cabinet lighting in the kitchen. I had no idea how fabulous it was going to turn out. I love these little lights. They are on a touch sensor power switch and dimmer for mood lighting. They're probably my favorite purchase for the house so far. For anybody who's looking to spruce up the kitchen with a little mood lighting, the Utilitech Puck lighting from Lowe's is an excellent option. Check it out!