Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Poncho said, "Are you ever going to blog??"

Well, here it is, dear.

I've holed myself up in the office today, reading. I'm reading about story structure and literary elements and whatnot for the memoir. Crisis and climax. And boy do I have a whole list of stories that could serve for each of those. What's most important? What story am I trying to tell? What's my desire line? It's all very interesting stuff. And I'm coming to the conclusion that I've had a tumultuous yet very interesting (and sometimes profound) life. The book I'm reading says, "If it's just a flat highway through Kansas, a reader might have a hard time staying awake." Well, my life's definitely not been a flat highway through Kansas, that's for sure. I'm erring on the other side. How do I pack a wallop without giving my readers PTSD? :) How do I pick and choose which story to tell? Which struggle? I see the universality in all of it. But I have to narrow it. Narrowing has always been a problem for me. But I'm working on it.

In the meantime, Caroline called me today to let me know that it's highly probable that she gave me a horrible stomach bug while she was down here shooting the artwork for the now recently named poetry book (but you'll have to wait). Apparently her bug incubated for about 5 days before the horrible intestinal symptoms came on with a vengeance. So she told me to be expecting it today or tomorrow. We shall see. I sure hope not!!

And that is all. Consider yourself blogged. :)