Saturday, May 2, 2009

Well, that made my year.

So our day started out rainy and dreary. It looked like Burger Day in El Reno was going to be a bust. It was cold and it kept raining off and on. Would the show go on?

Poncho spent the ENTIRE afternoon in the basement of dad's store fixing some plumbing problems in trade for some new guitar gear. I just kind of hung out upstairs watching the people come in and out of the store and talking to a few friends who made the trip out. Three thirty rolls around and Ryin saunters into the store saying, "Roger Clyne's not here yet. They're flying in and their flights been delayed or something. Show starts at six. Let's hope they show." WHAT. I came to El Reno this weekend. It's raining. They'll be here. They HAVE to be. Then Ryin leaves to go have a beer in the "beer garden", AKA a quarantined space specifically for beer drinkers, well out of the way of the mainstream party. El Reno PD went to great lengths to make sure the 30 or so people there drinking beer didn't get too out of control...

Anyway, I remember I need to run out to the car to grab my purse because I'd forgotten and left it there. So I'm walking full tilt boogie around the corner and *smack*. Run right into PH Naffa. An expletive escaped my lips. Then amidst the shock I managed to let out, "Yay! You're here! Can't wait for the show, guys!" Then hung my head in embarrassment and headed straight for the car while texting everyone I knew to let them know the band had in fact arrived. And the show would go on.

Dad locked the doors of his store about 4 p.m. He said he got tired of the stream of 15 year olds wandering in and breaking things. I can't say that I blame him. Then there's a frantic knock at the door. It's the lady, the main event planner, who was in charge of booking the bands. She mouths, "Open the door. NOW." So I run to the door, open it, and she says, Roger would like to come in and look around. Tell your dad the band will be here in about 15 mintues.


Forget telling dad! I went straight downstairs to the basement and yelled, "Poncho. RCPM is coming in the front door STAT. Get up here!!" He changed his shirt and tried his best to be as non-stinky as he could from working so hard on the plumbing all day. Then it happens. There they are. Standing at the door, waiting for me to let them in. OMG OMG OMG OMG. :)

I had to take a minute to compose myself. There's Roger, in his tshirt, khakis, flip flops, and poncho. Hair flawless, even though he's just gotten off the plane and driven all the way out to po dunk USA. And the rest of the guys followed suit. So I unlocked the door and managed my most subdued, "HEEEYYY!!! COME IN!! COME IN!! COME IN!!!" Then I go stand by dad and just wait for him to start making the introductions. It was awesome. I introduced P and Roger remembered playing with him at the Wormy Dog, so that was cool because it was like a zillion years ago. Then we all just hung around chatting it up while all the guys jammed and messed around with the guitars in the store. I was like a kid in a candy store. I didn't say much, I was just making the rounds listening to everybody else's conversations. PH bought a really cool old guitar, and dad and Nick hit it off instantly. Roger and Jim sat in the high end acoustic room on stools jamming together and I realllly wanted to break out the video because it was classic. But it was sacred. And I didn't want to ruin the moment by being all gurmy. (right.)

So they all sat around with dad and talked about their love of guitars and their passion for music for the better part of an hour or so, and I just soaked it all in. The show started at six and dad got his first taste of RCPM. He dug it. He leaned over to me and said, "I need some CD's of these guys." I said, "Well, I have every one that's ever been made, so I can definitely help you out with that." At the end of the show dad came up to the front of the stage with me and he and Nick kept going back and forth about something. He kept checking with dad to see if the bass was sounding okay. And I was like, way to go dad. He's cool like that. :)

I thought it just a wee bit ironic that they opened with Preacher's Daughter. I mean, what are the odds. So that was super cool. And if it's not completely obvious by now, they are my most all time favorite band EVER. And that is not hyperbole. It's is pure, unadulterated truth. And I loved every minute of today. It's the little things, like finally getting to meet the members of my favorite band after I've seen their shows scores of times, that make me happy. So thanks, dad. That was awesome. It totally made my year.

And we have round two coming up next weekend. RCPM at the House of Blues. And this time, I'll have my tequila high in the air (unlike today) and it will be even MORE awesome.

So there you go, Brooks ladies. That was how my day went! It was pretty great! And now I'm very, very tired. And I'll go to sleep a happy girl. :)