Saturday, May 23, 2009

Summertime Impulses

When the weather starts to heat up, while most people start cleaning out closets, getting rid of winter clothes and old things they've let accumulate over the colder months, I start acquiring new things. I get the sudden urge to redecorate. It's interesting. It's like if I can't really change the scenery outside, I can try to change it inside. Last summer we painted. This summer we'll finish painting. :) And I just so happened to stumble upon a big sale at Kirkland's tonight, so I decided to buy a few things to hang on the wall in the dining room to replace all the old stuff we took down when we painted.

And I'm not big on little wire candle holders, but I found this one and it had colorful little jewels on it. And you can't tell from the picture (because I took it at night) but they catch the light in the dining room just right and they sparkle on the wall. And it made me happy to look at it. So I bought it. :) And the iPhone camera is not fabulous, so you can't tell that the wall is a khaki color and the candles are actually green.

So this is my little dining room. Next thing I need to do is invest in a small sideboard to go under the stuff on the wall and I'd love to have some wood blinds. The only thing is, the rest of the house has ugly white plastic blinds. To replace ALL of them would be right around a thousand dollars because we have so many HUGE, odd-sized windows. And since it's a rental, and we'll probably be moving within the next two years, I suppose we'll live with the ugly white plastic.

But doing some surface redecorating is a nice diversion for the summer, in between bouts of writing and putting out books. :)


tomorrowsmemoriesphotography said...

i love the look! and i love a great deal. good job girlie!