Saturday, May 9, 2009

And the work begins...

I got the long awaited 21 page manuscript evaluation today...

It's like being the smartest kid in the class, and you turn a paper in that you really barely worked on. Your teacher's gonna say, yeah, it's good. But it could be a lot better.

So in a nut shell. I'll be rewriting the entire thing from a "showing" perspective, instead of a "telling" perspective. More let the reader draw his/her own conclusion instead of telling them what conclusion to draw. More develop a relationship with them instead of tell them what to think.

I knew this, i was just half way hoping to avoid it, as I "tell" much better than I "show". But my mentor says to just try. And once I start it will start to flow just as naturally. And I've got all summer. So we'll break it down into small chunks and see what comes out. One thing is for sure, I probably won't make any of it public until the entire thing is in its finished, more perfected state. Then we're talking book proposals and representation (aka agents). There's lots of work to be put in and lots of hashing out to do. It'll be worth it for everyone involved. But it's going to be hard and something I've never done before.

P says, "We're either going to do it all the way, or we're not going to do it at all." He says the only reason he pushes me is because he knows I can do it. And that kind of confidence is definitely inspiring. I love him.

I'm ready to start planning (again) and start digging in. Even though it means rehashing it all AGAIN. But it'll be good. And in the mean time, I'm planning out making available a book of poetry. So look for it soon.

Goodnight, all.