Friday, April 17, 2009

I'm sorry it's been so long.

This week has been busy-- well, at least in my mind. And this weekend won't be any different. Poncho is taking his son to his first concert tonight. They're going to see Fall Out Boy and Chanston is PUMPED. That's almost an understatement. He's been literally counting down the days for MONTHS. They're going to have so much fun! Meanwhile, Misty and I will be having dinner at PF Changs. Yesssss. Girl time is always a good thing.

So I was thinking about the past today... I guess because my first period got into a conversation about dreams and I enlightened them on the art and science of dream interpretation. They were full of so many questions, it was really cute. But it just left me thinking about the past for the rest of the day.

I started thinking about the year I started my senior year in high school, 1997. If someone would have told the 16 year old me that I would be married to the absolute man of my dreams in exactly 10 years, I would have been happy, but probably couldn't have fathomed it. And I'm looking online at all of my childhood and high school friends and all of the pictures of their families and babies. It's just so surreal. I love thinking about the journey and looking at other people and how they've progressed on their paths. It makes me excited for my own.

Time marches on...