Monday, March 16, 2009

New Soundtrack Preview

Put a new song up for the Soundtrack Preview. It's called "Now I Miss You". Haven't fully decided if I will include the backstory in detail in the memoir, but the overall idea is in the book already. It's a pretty song and very simple. I enjoyed writing and recording this one.

Gonna get some writing done this week. Might give you a sneak preview of the finished product. Going to tackle the years spent at the "crisis pregnancy center". Makes for interesting discussion for sure.

I'm happy with the direction the memoir is taking. We've gone from dark and serious massive drama in the first half, to growth and self-awareness and waxing philosophical on the way we live our lives in the 2nd half. I wasn't sure how it would end up. But I like the direction we're going. We'll see what happens!


tomorrowsmemoriesphotography said...

ok, once i found the song cause i'm a total blog illiterate freak apparently... i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!!
is that you in the background?

Mrs. Daisy Girl said...

Yep, the whole thing's me. I had another song up for the last 2 weeks. :) Sorry you missed it! I'm going to try to change them every 2 weeks or so... we'll see. :)