Tuesday, March 17, 2009


It's beautiful outside right now. The absolute perfect spring break. And after 2 days of the kiddos firmly planted in the couch playing video games and watching movies, I needed to get out of the house. We're missing this beautiful weather! So today Robin and I went to Garden Ridge to buy pots, then Lowe's to buy flowers to help beautify the back porch.

We bought some really colorful hydrangea, hibiscus, and ruby slippers. We got it all potted and set up outside, now we'll see how long they take to die. :) I promise to water and try to make it a habit. We only have this short window of a month or two where we actually want to spend our evenings outside before it gets hotter than the 10th circle of hell. So I want to keep it nice for at least that long. And hopefully longer.

So tonight we should be having some sort of meat and potatoes with a side of Irish whiskey, but instead we're having tacos, burritos, chips & salsa, and La Palomas. I suppose we'll celebrate St. Patty's day on May 5th. This is turning out to be an excellent week.

Carry on.