Sunday, February 22, 2009

Box Office, Baby. It's Bigger Than the Stones.

It's 2:08 A.M. as we speak. I've just finished eating the last Bagelful from the box. The cinnamon kind. (Yummmmm.) I can hear Tucker licking and slurping, giving himself his kitty bath while laying in his favorite spot, on top of Poncho's luggage, which he has still yet to unpack from our weekend trip a few weekends ago. (He's gonna be mad.) And now Tucker is just laying there staring at me in his creepy middle of the night kitty way. Sometimes I pretend he's trying to do Jedi mind tricks on me, cuz that's what it looks like.

I just finished recording vocals to a cover song P and I are doing. Well, most of the vocals anyway. See, when I get back there in front of the mic, I usually need a little liquid courage. And around 1:30 a.m., he said into my headphones, honey, i don't want to make you mad, but you're starting to sound drunk. So I got some water, I tried to be more on point, and then I just said, it's the wee hours of the morning. I'm tired. I'm done. We'll pick up where we left off tomorrow.

Cover songs are kinda weird to me. I always feel like I'm doing karaeoke. I prefer singing something that hasn't been sung before. But this is an uber cool song and will fit nicely with the theme we have going on. It's sort of a sound track to the memoir. We'll see what comes of it. He's played a few of the tracks for people who don't know anything about us or our lives and they've had pretty favorable reactions to the tunage. So we'll see what happens. It at the very least makes for interesting saturday nights.

This song was a big hit in the 80's apparently. I'd never heard it before. But that's because I was only allowed to listen to Amy Grant and Sandi Patty in the 80's. So it's new to me! My parent's NEVER would have let me listen to this song. Might as well get out your ouija board and draw pentagrams everywhere. It's straight up devil music...

When rock and roll first came around the preachers all went crazy--
But soon that wasn't enough to bring people in the door.
So now they jump on any scandal that they can to try and save me
'Cause they know I don't buy that bull**** about the Devil's music anymore...

Hail, hail rock n roll. And long live Todd Snider.

Enough subversiveness for one day, I think.

It's late. I should sleep. Have a good one.

I'm out.