Thursday, October 2, 2008

We yell at Fox News at our house...

So. While everyone I care about (mostly) is peacin' out at the Cowboy Mouth/RCPM show, I partcipated in my civic duty as an American and watched Tina Fey in her first Vice Presidential debate tonight.

Golly gee, Beav. You're darn right, you Six Pack Joe!

Puke. I'm reminded how one of my favorite professors in college told us that if she was true to the times, June Cleaver popped a Valium every morning with her fresh sqeezed orange juice. And that's all I get from Sarah Palin-- a hot for teacher, highly scripted, cheezeball robot for the republican party. She's the Down Syndrome baby having, flag waving hockey mom, and not much more, for the republican party. And you know what else cheezes me off? The fact that they make her pregnant daughter carry that kid around on stage to hide her tummy. Seriously. If you're SO pro-life and SO pro family, don't shame your daughter into having to hide something you're afraid may lose you votes.

Kudos (I guess) to Joe Biden for not eating her lunch tonight like he could (should) have.

And I'd like to comment on something that wasn't really brought up in tonight's debate, and for which Sarah Palin carries the flag for on this republican ticket-- Roe v. Wade. We all know McCain goes back and forth. That's why the true hard core Republicans hate him. He's middle of the road. He's luke warm. He won't commit. But oh yeah, get Sarah Palin on board and suddenly they get the Baptist vote. One reason, Roe v. Wade.

I'm confused. Help me out. Conservative republicans are the reason we have "abstinence only" education. Which consequently is the reason we have record numbers of teenage girls getting pregnant. (Come to my classroom, trust me. I just had one 15 year old boy come in this morning and proudly pronounce, Hey Miss! I'm gonna be a dad!) So we have huge, HUGE numbers of unwed mothers and babies who make up the welfare roles. It is an undisputed fact that women and children are the majority of people who receive government funds for assistance. But republicans are also against welfare and giving assistance to those who are below the poverty level. I mean, they should be able to pull themselves up by their proverbial "boot straps". Correct? I don't understand. Their theory is flawed from the very beginning.

Also. Does anyone ever think about what government regulation of reproductive rights could lead to in this country? Ok. We overturn Roe v. Wade. We outlaw abortion. It's against the law. Let's take it one step further. It's also against the law to have a child out of wedlock. Wait. There's already a country that has that law. I wonder how it works out for them? I recommend watching the documentary, China's Stolen Children. Check out a country that actually does what some people in our country want to do-- legislate reproductive rights. It'll turn your stomach. I don't care what party you're affiliated with. We could be there very quickly.

So I guess what I'm saying is what my friend Ragan reminded me of today. (Was it today? It's all running together.) Question everything. That's the only way we grow as people. Be a synic. It doesn't make you unpatriotic. It's what this country was founded on-- obviously. If we hadn't questioned, if we hadn't rebelled, we wouldn't be here.

Think about it.


tomorrowsmemoriesphotography said...

just wanted to say "YO!"
i hadn't been here in awhile... i read all the posts on this page though.
you & my husband are both pretty outspoken about politics... just on different ends of the pole :).
me - i try to cover my ears & just smile. HA!

speak soon,