Thursday, December 12, 2013

My One Year Old's Christmas List

I saw this post that's going viral and decided to make one for my own toddler! We spend so much time and money getting our little ones things we think they'll love, when all they really want is the simple things in life, right?

Dear Santa,

At Thanksgiving, I heard Nona asking Mama what I wanted for Christmas. She kept saying "outdoor toys". And while toys to play with outside would be okay, there are a few things I REALLY want for Christmas. I'm not sure why people even have to ask what I want. Isn't it already obvious? But if I need to spell it out for you, here it is.

First, this:

My parents have tried in vain to replace my favorite dump truck. I've got Hot Wheels, I've got a huge dump truck that hauls sand outside, and I've got a smaller, industrial version that I accidentally tore up as well. But I want this one. Only this one. Why does no one understand this? If you could get me another dump truck exactly like this one, that would be great.

Also on the list:

If you could make music come out of my headphones when I plug them in, that would be the best Christmas present ever.

Next, this:

See that hole right there on the right side of the back of the vacuum cleaner? I'd like you to bring me some things, anything really, that will fit into that hole. I don't care what it is. I'm not picky at all. I'll be happy with absolutely anything that fits into that hole. That would be so incredibly awesome.

Then, these:

I know we already have 2 iPads and 3 phones in the house, but I'm going to need at least 2 more. I AM the E-Trade Baby.

I also would really appreciate some help with this:

Much like my vacuum cleaner request, I need things that will fit into both the gas fireplace thing in the living room wall and the electrical outlet. Please note the different sizes. I'll need different things to fit into each. If you could also tell my parents to CALM DOWN when I'm playing with these, it could quite possibly be the BEST CHRISTMAS EVER.

Next, I would like unlimited access to these:

We're probably going to need to get this down on paper somewhere. There's no way mom's going to let me climb on the tables to touch the light fixtures unless I have a note from you saying it's okay. I like shiny things. I can't help it. So if you could hook me up this Christmas, that would be fantastic.

Okay, two more things. I'd like a couple more of these:

Santa, nothing makes me happier than unlocking the automatic lock on the front door, running in to the kitchen, and waiting to hear the sound it makes when it locks back so I can spin around and say "Who's that??" So if we could convince my parents to put these awesome locks on EVERY door in the house, it would just be that much more fun for me!

Last thing on my list: for the next year, I'd like mom to turn this thing on ON COMMAND:

Please let her know when I want her to turn it on, I'll say, "Chicky Chick-ON! Chicky Chick-ON!" Also, if you'd like to get me another mixer that I could have just for myself to turn off and on whenever I want, I would be SO happy.

I know Mama and Dada are going to get me new toys for Christmas, but if you could help me out with these few things that I REALLY want for Christmas, I think this could be the best Christmas I ever had. I've already had one and it was okay, but I think with your help, this one is going to be much, MUCH better.

Waiting anxiously,

Cash Cochran