Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Choose Wisely

Words are so important. The words we choose to use often are more of an accurate reflection of who we are than we even realize.

I was watching an interview with a convicted killer, who although he seemed contrite, said, "Alcohol ruined my life. Alcohol cause me to do horrible things." And while it's true the alcohol most likely played a part in his demise, maybe a more accurate statement would be, "I allowed alcohol to ruin my life. I did horrible things while under the influence of alcohol." Doesn't that indicate a little more personal responsibility than just blaming his actions on the two and a half gallons of Canadian Mist he consumed before shooting someone?

And really? Canadian Mist? I guess it would take about two and a half gallons of that stuff to make you loopy.

Anyway, I'm a stickler for words. It's what I do. So next time you're in a conversation with someone. Listen to the words they choose to use. What do they say about them?