Friday, August 5, 2011


I've held off as long as I can. But I WANT to start planning this kiddo's nursery! I put the cart before the horse last time, and it didn't work out. But this time, I'm much farther along than I was last time and things seem to be looking up. They tell me that in about 2 weeks I'll be into my second trimester and out of the proverbial woods. So I can at least pick out paint colors, can't I? :)

I've gone back and forth about doing a gender specific room, but predictably, I've fallen back to the classic. The scheme I'm going with will work beautifully for either girl or boy. So we'll start with a basic pallet and then either streamline it for a boy or fluff it up with accessories for a girl.

So here's the picture I'm going with for inspiration:

I'm making a few changes, but this is the mood I'm going for. Peaceful, calm, light. I'm going to play off these colors and go a bit lighter on the walls and a bit darker on the curtains. I think I've settled on this for the paint color:

Valspar, Dancing Mist

Or maybe Glass Tile

Then I'd like to do a heavy shantung curtain in a dark khaki. It would give the room some texture and shine. And it would give the bluish/green color in the room some depth. And while the color scheme lends itself to the brown in wood furniture, wood furniture has a sort of heavy/darker feel to me. And since we already have some great white crown moulding in the room, I think I'm going to stick with white furniture. It'll keep it light and airy. Kind of dream-like and etherial. Which brings me to the real, ultimate inspiration for this baby's room.

In the third grade, my teacher made me memorize Eugene Field's "Wynken, Blyken, and Nod" and recite it in front of the class for a grade. And while that process was rather torturous as a 7 year old, it's been my favorite children's poem ever since. So my uber-talented step daughter has agreed to paint a mural of the little fishermen three in the room. She's going to do it on canvas so we can keep it, even after the kiddo gets a little older and we redecorate the room. It's going to be HUGE and the focal point of the room. It'll look something like this:

So this is where I'm starting. I've got colors. I've got art. I even already have some pieces of furniture. I'm using two pieces of furniture my dad built for me and my sister when we were little, a big mantle piece we'll be using as a shelf, and an apothecary chest of drawers he built for my room in elementary school. We're refinishing it and adding new hardware to it.

I'd say we've got a good plan in mind and a good starting place. We'll probably start doing the room in October when we find out what we're having so I can accessorize as needed!


tomorrowsmemoriesphotography said...

I LOVE your vision for the nursery Ashly! My favorite is the paler color.
I can't wait to see it come together for you. And the canvas painting sounds heavenly! Please post progression pictures.