Monday, June 14, 2010

Summer time...

And the livin's easy. Relatively.

It's been pretty nice so far, but yet still pretty busy! Mom is here for 2 1/2 weeks while she waits for all of her stuff to get moved down from Kansas City so she can get moved into her new house. There are a lot of benefits of having your mom come to stay with you for a little bit- namely the grocery shopping and cooking duties she takes on. That's very nice. We're pretty much in heaven food-wise at the moment.

I'm also getting ready to put my car up for sale. This has been a ridiculously tight year financially for us because the state made a SERIOUS error in P's child support payments and so far has taken seven months to get the paperwork sorted out-- even AFTER they realized they screwed up. And it has no clear end in sight. And since we're basically operating on one paycheck, I've been trying to find ways to free up some money. I've canceled most of our movie channels, I've turned the thermostat up in the house, and now I'm going to try to unload my car. It's not a bad payment at all, but I want to try to find something else a little cheaper. Every little bit helps I'm finding out.

I'm learning these are the times in a marriage when you learn what the word "partnership" really means. Even if it's not technically your problem, it is NOW! So you have to get creative, try to keep your head up, try not to get angry, figure out ways around it, and realize it will not always be this way. We're giving ourselves this pep talk nearly every day. And we'll continue to until the problem finally gets resolved.

So the summer has started out with a bang, but regardless of the craziness that sometimes happens, it's actually been pretty good. We have a lot of creative energy flowing through our house and that helps make it a happy place. So we're just going to keep that up.

And I'm going to go to the pool more. I need more free Vitamin D! Ciao!