Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Cold and Snow.

Well, one great Valentine's Day weekend slid right into a nasty cold. Ugh. I am thankful though that it's not the flu or strep or anything horrible like that. Been there. Soooo not fun.

One time in college, I had the flu so bad, that I tried to go to school to take a World Religions final, and I was so pale and sweating so badly that my teacher wouldn't even let me in the classroom.

Then another time I had strep and didn't even know it. And I waited about a week and a half to go to the doctor, and he said, "Well, you've scarred your tonsils. Good job."

But those were both in college. Haven't been too sick since then. So I guess I'll take this puny little cold that P so generously gave to me.

The good thing is it's allowing for lots of downtime to watch the Olympics. I'm an Olympic fanatic. For two weeks, every two years, I'm glued to the TV. Doesn't matter what sport. I love it! My favorites this year so far are the Women's Downhill (did you SEE that monstrous course eating those girls alive?!?), the Half Pipe, and Men's Figure Skating. All good stuff!

Alright. It's time to go medicate. And actually get something done today.



tomorrowsmemoriesphotography said...

blogger's givin' me fits...let's try this again.
but valentine's fun was worth the ickies, heh? :)
i enjoy those 3 olympic sports too. those girls make me wanna be one of them :).
i haven't gotten to watch as much of the winter olympics as i'd like to tho...

rest well.