Thursday, September 3, 2009

I'm Just Thinking Out Loud Here.

So I've been thinking a lot lately. The wheels have been spinning and spinning and spinning. I've been massively putting off this memoir. And I know it's for several reasons- the first and foremost being that novel-style writing is not my forte. I'm no good with, Then the door swung wildly open and the villain appeared out of thin air with an earth-shaking BOOM, and simultaneously the eerie music began playing in the background. That's not really what I do. I just try to succinctly express what I feel needs to be expressed. And writing a memoir is simply not conducive to my natural style of writing.

So here's what I'm thinking. I've learned a lot, and I mean a LOT, of tough lessons in my short thirty years here on this earth. I'm thinking I should sit down, put pen to paper, and delineate the things I've learned about myself and humans in general, and then format a book around that. It'll sort of be self-help, but not in that I'M-SUPER-DEPRESSED-AND-AM-ABOUT-TO-O.D.-ON-MY-MEDS-SO-HELP-ME-QUICK kinda way. More just, what can I learn about life and the world around me from seeing someone else's horrendous mistakes and fabulous triumphs?

So that's where I am right now. Forcing myself to sit down and write a novel just isn't working for me and hasn't been working for quite some time. It's time to shift directions. So shift we shall.

I'll keep you updated.


tomorrowsmemoriesphotography said...

feel free to use me as an example... but i'd rather remain anonymous :). no, i'm serious!

Ashly said...

I'd love to hear your story sometime. :)