Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Walking the Walk

In class I'm always encouraging my kids to give their best effort and not take the easy way out. We always throw around that term, "life-long learner". I encourage them to stretch their brains and not be content where they are-- to grow a little bit every day.

Do they see that in me? I hope they see it in my diplomas on the wall. But does it stop there?

I was asked to be the Lead Teacher for 10th grade English today. At first I resisted. I relish my anonymity in this huge place with over 400 teachers. Fly under the radar. Easy, breezy, beautiful. Do good things, but do them quietly. Walk softly and carry a big stick. And then I thought about my kids. If I say no, it'll be out of selfishness and laziness-- the unwillingness to do extra paperwork and a little more preparation. I know I have something to give. I know I can be an encouragement and a resource for my colleagues. It's time to stop talking and start walking.

So I said yes. Here we go!