Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Slow & Steady Wins the Race

So the first week back at work is half way through. We've had three days of in-service, and so far, mostly so good. We've spent three days talking about policy and protocol and test scores and so on and so forth. For the next two days we're on our own getting our classrooms ready for the kiddos who show up bright and early Monday morning.

I spent my afternoon with a bottle of 409 and paper towels in hand cleaning all the desks, chairs, and tables in my room. See, here's what happens. The floor in my classroom gets mopped ONE time a year. And it happens when I'm laying on the beach in Mexico in the summer. And when they mop the floor, they move all the desks, chairs, and tables outside on the sidewalk. Where they sit... for days. And it just so happened that this year we had a particularly rainy summer. Not good for my desks and chairs. I came back to dirt caked furniture in my classroom. Even worse? The laminate came off the top of a couple of desks from exposure to the elements and what was under it? Mold. Fuzzy. Green. Mold.


So I spent the afternoon trying to clean and disinfect the room so my children don't have to sit in dirt the first day of school. I'm a good teacher, no? *pats self on back* Tonight and tomorrow night, P is going to help me start moving the big stuff up to school. The podium, the TV, the mini fridge, the three ton box full of files and books I threw everything into on the last day of school...

But it's getting close. And I'm excited. I can totally see how people blink and they've spent the last 20 years of their lives teaching. It goes by fast and it's fun (most of the time). Suffice it to say, there's NEVER a dull moment. Except for state mandated testing days. I'd rather take a sharp stick to the eyeball. But we muddle through.

And I got my class rosters today. Can't wait to meet these kiddos and see what this year has in store for us.