Monday, August 31, 2009

The Little Old Lady Who Lived in a Shoe.

Ok. We don't live in a shoe. And I'm certainly NOT an OLD lady (regardless of the fact that my husband reminds me very loudly THAT I AM ALMOST THIRTY YEARS OLD). But it looks like we're about to start a house hunt. Fun, fun, FUN! Buying a house is much like decorating to me. You see how much you can get for what you have and then you maximize, maximize, maximize.

I came into this "good with money" thing late in life, in my opinion. In my early twenties I learned some pretty rough lessons fiscally. But here we are, older and wiser and with much better credit. So we're going to tie up some loose ends over the next month or so and then hopefully move forward with the house hunt. We're first time home buyers, and P already has visions of a pool dancing in his head, bought with our handy dandy $8,000 rebate from Uncle Sam. We shall see!

I'm so excited! Here we go!