Thursday, June 4, 2009

Good days

I've got Kelly Clarkson blaring on the iPod and I'm happily typing away on my laptop in my office in my otherwise quite and very cool house. It's a good day. Today was my "official" last day of school. It's considered a "teacher work day". All the kids went home yesterday morning. Every year after the final big district test is administered, on the last day, the "teacher work day", everybody sits around in computer labs twiddling their thumbs waiting for the district to upload test grades so we can finalize them and sign off on them. Classrooms have long been packed up and keys have been safely turned in. So we wait. Hour upon hour. Waiting for some sort of sign that the district is close to uploading the grades. But I'm a quick learner and I only had to go through this once to realize how miserable it was to sit in a computer lab for 7 hours with absolutely nothing to do.

So this year, I said, I'm gonna get up whenever I wake up. I'm gonna go work out. I'm gonna go have lunch. And when I hear grades have been uploaded, I'll go in, verify, and check out for good. So that's just what I did. And it worked fabulously. So I've accomplished a lot today. Wrapped up everything school-wise and even went to the gym. I had lunch with a fellow English teacher. It's been a good day. I was walking through the empty student center on my way to sign out in the office and I started to get a touch sentimental. And then I thought, No WAY am I gonna miss this place! I'll be wishing for summer again come August 17th! :)

So now I'm home. And I'm on the hunt for some good stationary. I need letterhead and envelopes for cheap. So we'll see what we can find. The text of the poetry book is finished, all except for the title. And it's going off the editor either today or tomorrow. Caroline and Jes are coming down next week and we'll do all the photography artwork. It's gonna be a blast! :) Will post pics of our adventures.

It's beautiful outside. Enjoy it! :)