Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fun times on the creative front...

Daisy Girl Press is in full effect. All the paperwork has been filed and I've found a printer and distributor. I've got a few more loose ends to tie up on the technical front and then we'll be off and running. I started thinking about putting out a poetry book a month or so ago, and so I started trying to think what would be the best way to get that done. I'm not looking to do anything earth shattering, and while I have this monstrous memoir project going on I wanted to do something small and uncomplicated. So I started looking into self publishing. You obviously don't have to start your own publishing company to do this. Lots and lots of people self publish without going to the lengths of starting their own business. But the more I looked into it, the more it seemed like something I should do. And who knows what possibilities it holds!

So I've gathered a bunch of my poems, I'm reviewing them one by one, throwing out some, keeping others. I'm revising. I'm editing. I'm trying to decide how to group them in some sort of order. Maroline's agreed to do the cover art... that is as soon as I come up with some sort of theme or title. :) Laying out the book will be a snap, then we're off to printing, distributing, and selling. So it's fun and I'm excited about it!


The Panhandleman said...

Plus the wings of the butterfly kinda are a D and a G.

very cool.


Mrs. Daisy Girl said...

Good eye, pal! I didn't even catch that! :)