Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Springtime Craziness

So I had to spend a day in training yesterday off campus. It was mostly stuff I'd been trained on before-- therapeutic holds and such for special ed. Basically how to gain physical control of an out of control child without hurting him or her. It was very interesting. And it wore me out!

But apparently I wasn't the only one getting worn out yesterday. I returned to my classroom bright and early this morning to find a very furiously written two page letter left for me by the sub. The first two periods went by without much of a hitch. Then last period came around and everything fell apart.

A boy fell asleep listening to his iPod (both things are highly illegal at school-- especially when you're supposed to be working, which he was). The sub proceeded to unplug the ipod and remove it from his sleeping hands. This woke him up. He then proceeded to stand up, towering over the sub. (The kid is like 6'3".) The sub moved closer to him so as to step up to the challenge, probably not a wise move, mind you. Then my student shoved the sub in the chest to "get him out of my face." Well, to make a long story a little shorter, the kid is in ISS. DPD is involved and the sub is pressing assault charges. So that's fun.

After that incident, another girl was up running around the classroom and obviously not doing the work she should have been doing. The sub asked her where her work was. She promptly replied, "If it was up your ass you'd know it." So she's doing a stint in ISS now.

Then, as if that wasn't enough, someone conspicuously named Ben Dover turned in a paper full of obscenities for me to grade with the other assignments. Wasn't that sweet. What Mr. Dover forgot was that I've had him in class for a whole year and I know his handwriting, and also have an entire notebook of his assignments to compare it to. So he'll be joining his two other classmates in ISS tomorrow.

I came home in a bad mood today. Bless my husband's heart. I don't know that tomorrow will be much better either, because it will be the first time I see this class of heathens since the incidents. Gonna have to lay down the law and take away lots of privileges and fun things we were going to do. Oh well. That was their choice. Next on tap, writing a paper for a test grade on explaining how, just like Brutus in Julius Caesar, our choices can affect our lives and even be detrimental to us-- then many, many more papers after that. It's their favorite thing to do.

I'm getting a massage this weekend.

Thank you, honey.


Kuenys said...

oh...and i thought i had it tough teaching second graders for five years!!!!!!!!!!

tomorrowsmemoriesphotography said...

my word lady. you are C.O.M.M.I.T.T.E.D. to these kids!

Mrs. Daisy Girl said...

Thank you for recognizing that! :) I feel like I am! It's funny how I don't have any kids but I feel like such a parent with all of them. When I got that note from the sub, I was so emotional- angry, disappointed, EMBARRASSED! And I remembered the old speech our parents always give us that when we go out in public we're representing our family and gave that speech loud and clear to my 4th period the next day. I got lots of Yes Ma'am's, We understand. We're sorry. And I dealt out the consequence, which they'll still be doing this entire week...

Hopefully they'll learn something!